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Best Lawyer in Dubai 2022

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Best Lawyer in Dubai 2022

 Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation in Dubai is a premium, full-service Local and International Law Firm in Dubai.  We have highly-qualified, expert and experienced lawyers, who are licensed and ready to represent individuals and companies at all levels of Courts within the UAE, in addition to cover all aspects of Law.

This spans all criminal and civil law matters including Banking Law, Corporate Law, Litigation, Labor lawyer in Dubai, Maritime, International arbitration and Real Estate laweyr in Dubai, and Construction Disputes, as well as General Practice, Collections, Companies lawyer establishments, Wills, Contracts, and Energy Sector.

Criminal lawyer in Dubai.

Nowadays, crimes are not only restricted to physical harm but it covers monetary, moral, and any damage to any human being or any organization. Therefore, criminal Lawyer in Dubai comprehends the nature of all the crimes in UAE to offer suitable advice to his/her client.

The best criminal lawyer in Dubai in Abdullah Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation represents his/her client who has been accused or wronged, and can take advantage of our criminal litigation services in prosecutions, police stations, and courts all over the UAE.

In addition, our lawyer assists his/her client by giving them legal advice and makes them more familiar with criminal law in the UAE because of the experience he has been gaining over time.

A criminal lawyer in Dubai in Abdullah Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation is the best experienced and specialized in criminal cases such as:

  • Human Rights Violation.
  • Bounced Cheque.
  • Payment/Debit Dispute.
  • Real Estate and Property Disputes.
  • Fraud, Forgery.
  • Tax Evasion, Financial Crime.
  • All Alcohol-Related Violations such as Driving While Intoxicated and Others.
  • Labor and Employment Disputes.
  • Cyber Crime, Cyber Bullying.
  • Credit Card and Bank Loan Fraud.
  • Sexual Harassment or Sexual Abuse.
  • Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Child Abduction by Parents, and many other cases.

The Criminal lawyer in Dubai ensures that our clients’ rights and interests shall be protected in accordance with the law in UAE and adheres to the basic principle that no one is denied justice.

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Family lawyer in Dubai.

The Family Lawyer in Dubai in Abdullah Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation is experienced and dedicated to dealing with all kinds of personal matters with the utmost decency and care, because he’s specialized in every aspect of family law, whether custody, maintenance for wife and children divorce lawyer in dubai, inheritance, alimony, or any marriage agreements registered within the UAE or abroad.

Best Lawyer in Dubai UAE 2022 | Al-Zarouny Law Firm  His experience in personal matters and his ability to resolve family issues improve the condition of our clients and meet their needs and requirements, and this is what distinguishes him from the rest of the family lawyers in Dubai.

The family lawyer in Dubai will work with you to reach a friendly decision that suits the whole family and deals with all kinds of cases and matters related to:

  • Custody of children.
  • Financial allocation.
  • Custody disputes.
  • Property disputes.
  • Financial recovery and support.
  • Divorces and separations.
  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • And more.

The family lawyer in Dubai in Abdullah Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation makes a considerable effort to reach the most appropriate decisions for all parties, and thus everyone ends up with the best possible outcomes. Due to his expanded experience in handling all kinds of family litigation cases of former litigants in the UAE, and a family lawyer in Dubai has the right to represent before all courts in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai.

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Divorce lawyer in Dubai.

It is always difficult for both the concerned parties when a couple disentangles. Matters can get even more complicated if children are involved in the case. A divorce lawyer in Dubai in Abdullah Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation will help you stay one step ahead during this emotionally difficult time and provide you the best strategies that would be beneficial to your case.

When it comes to custody disputes and divorces, an amicable settlement is what our lawyer always strives to achieve. You can request the services of our lawyer who is well-experienced in UAE’s Personal Status Law which dictates the rules of marriage lawyer in Dubai, separation, divorce, filiation, child support, adoption, and succession.

In addition, he provides the best legal advice to his/her client in their time of need, and helps them pursue cases relating to divorce, separation, maintenance, child support, custody, adoption, filiation, inheritance, and succession.

 Given the sensitivity of matters of family law and divorce, we ensure in Abdullah Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation that strict confidentiality is practiced in such cases. And even after a case is legally closed confidentiality is maintained.

So, don’t waste your time searching for the best law firm in Dubai, just contact us now if you want to get the best legal assistance for your case from a divorce lawyer in Dubai in Abdullah Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation.

Legal advisor Dubai.

Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation provide Legal Advice, Legal Counselling & Legal Services regarding multiple legal issues by a well-trained team, highly professional UAE National Licensed Lawyers and Legal Consultants, who are known with alternative names lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai.

They are most willing to help you by answering your legal queries, legal questions and helping out you by delivering quality legal services. They are the right choice to get the most powerful legal advice in Dubai.

 Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation Firm is one of the best Legal Firms in Dubai and UAE, because we can resolve all your disputes related to UAE Law and give the best possible legal advice to his/her clients. Since we are well experienced in UAE Law, we can help people to resolve their legal disputes.

 Al-Zarouny Law Firm has resolved thousands of complicated cases and difficult issues. So, we are rated as the top Legal Consultants in Dubai to achieve justice quickly.

We in Al-Zarouny Law Firm serve locals and expatriates with commitment, being the best Legal Consultants. Therefore, we suggest not to waste more time and book your legal appointment now from Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation that includes elite lawyers and legal advisors in Dubai.

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Lawyer in Dubai consultation.

We usually need legal advice in Dubai from a specialized lawyer when we face an issue in our daily life. Advice helps us clarify all judicial matters, understand the course of the case in question, and guides us to do the correct legal conduct. Besides legal advice also shortens useless procedures and saves costs. If you need the strongest legal advice call us in Al-Zarouny Law Firm.

Our legal advisor in Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation Firm provides various legal advice services for all cases. which helps in resolving and addressing your case faster and more accurately, providing solutions that turn your case and legal problems in your favor by professional lawyers in Dubai for all kinds of legal.

we offer Service of legal advice in Dubai including criminal and civil cases, fraud cases, inheritance cases, etc.

 Legal Services in Al-Zarouny Law Firm and Legal Consultation is available around the clock to provide a legal advice service in Dubai, and consultants answer all legal questions for all clients online.

 If you do not find a specialized law firm to take care of your troublesome legal affairs because you live in an extreme town far from urban centers and cities, you can now obtain an online service of legal advice in Dubai by the best international lawyers in Al-Zarouny Law Firm.

Contact us before you take any legal steps or before filing a lawsuit, and get a service for legal advice without having to worry about costs or distances.


How much it costs to hire a lawyer in Dubai?

consultation fees Between 1000 Dh & 3000 Dh. Each lawyer could charge you depending on his expertise.

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