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Communication with us is available in several ways, and here are the available methods of communication:

  • Whatsapp: By clicking on the WhatsApp icon in the corner of the page or via the following number: 0595911136 Adding the international code for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 00966.
  • Direct contact with a lawyer : 00966583117973
  • facebook: Via our Facebook page by clicking on the button هنا.
  • Instagram:Via our account by clicking هنا.
  • YouTube:You can follow our YouTube channel to follow the latest developments and amendments to laws in the Kingdom by clicking هنا.
  • Or you can follow the steps in the following table to contact us via our e-mail: safwalawfirm@gmail.com

    The best law firm in Saudi Arabia

    contact information:
    جوال : 00966583117973
    البريد الالكتروني : safwalawfirm@gmail.com

    Our strategic goals

    • Show justice and achieve the right within all available legal means. Subsequently
    • To plead the cases of clients, defend their rights, and help them demonstrate their rights.
    • Participation in the growth and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Provide the best services Advocacy and legal advice to our clients. Subsequently

    Our Purpose :

    • Speed in completing work and finalizing cases for the benefit of our clients.
    • Credibility is always with clients.
    • Always maintain the confidentiality of all our customers.

    Our services:

    • Legal advice and legality.
    • Study cases and provide legal opinion before litigation. Subsequently
    • Execution of judicial decisions and judgments.
    • Legal investigation and investigation service.
    • Settling disputes and resolving disputes amicably .Initiating all legal cases before all courts inside and outside the Kingdom.
    • Subsequently
      Representing and defending our clients before any public or private entity.
    • Document drafting services for endowments, whether civil, private or charitable, and pleading their cases.
      Distributing and liquidating the estates and delivering the heirs to their rights.
    • Establishment of local companies and branches of international companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Mergers and acquisitions of companies. Subsequently
    • أعمال التصفية والحل للشركات. بالتالي
    • حل المشاكل العقارية والترافع في قضاياها.
    • Legal drafting of all contracts.
      Consulting services regarding labor disputes and pleading in their cases.
    • Annual contractual advisory services for companies and institutions. Subsequently
    • Collection of debts, financial claims, checks and promissory notes. Subsequently
    • علاقات الموكلين وحقوقهم لدينا :
    • Periodic reports: If the office’s clients desire, we provide them with a periodic report that explains the legal procedures that have taken place since the beginning of work in their cases and their continuing procedures until the end of the case. Subsequently
    • Legal services: Al-Safwa office agrees with its clients on the legal service and explains it well to its clients before starting its implementation according to a specific legal action plan. Also, during the implementation of the legal service for the client, the office will coordinate with its clients for any action taken by the office.
    • Fees: The office fees and the method of payment are agreed upon with the principal, based on the type of legal service.

    Communication with our clients: The office will communicate with its clients to inform them of any action or step taken by the office, while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. Subsequently

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