دعوى الاحتيال والنصب في السعودية

Since its inception, Al-Safwa Law Firm has been associated with several successive legal successes in many commercial, legal and criminal cases in Saudi Arabia in general and in Jeddah and Makkah in particular.
Since the establishment of the Al-Safwa Office, its team of lawyers and legal advisors has been resolutely engaged in cooperation with the judiciary to achieve justice and defend the rights of clients.
Al Safwa Law Firm, since its inception has been and still is keen to achieve justice and defend its customers in all honesty, sincerity, and confidentiality, thus enabling the office to gain the trust and respect of all its clients.
The first branch of Al Safwa Law Firm in Jeddah has been opened in Zahran Commercial Tower on Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Road

  • Since its establishment, Al-Safwa’s team has set itself the goal of being the legal partner of companies and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Al-Safwa Office consists of national lawyers and legal advisors with experience and high competence in various commercial, administrative, criminal, and legal issues.
  • Al Safwa’s persistent commitment to delivering the best results to its clients through the legal competencies and relationships that it owns in the Kingdom and abroad has enabled Al Safwa to move steadily towards achieving the objectives of the office for which it was established.
  • Also, the office has worked on many issues for business leaders in Saudi Arabia for cases in Britain, France, and Germany.
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ما المقصود بالحجر في النظام السعودي


The office should be the partner, legal fort, and the first line of defense that guarantees all the rights of its clients, whether clients, corporations or individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The mission

Delivering the office clients to all their rights by demonstrating the right and defending their cases in Saudi Arabia in particular and the Gulf countries in genera