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About us

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since the establishment of Al-Safwa Law Firm, its team of lawyers and legal advisors has embarked firmly and resolutely in cooperation with the judiciary to achieve justice and defend the rights of clients. Since its inception, Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations has been associated with a large number of successive legal successes. This is in many commercial, legal and criminal cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. Therefore, the team of lawyers of Al-Safwa Law Firm has gained extensive experience in ending cases for the benefit of the firm’s clients in the shortest possible period of time and with the best legal results.

Since its inception, the Al-Safwa office team has set its sights on being the legal partner for companies and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and for the office to be the protector after God of their rights and the first line of defense for the interests of its clients with all their issues that may encounter them during their journey.

In addition, Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultation has worked on many cases for major businessmen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for cases in Britain, France and Germany, and thanks to God, these cases were crowned with impressive successes.

Before dealing with any law firm, you must have a brief general idea of the office whose lawyer you will deal with and seek legal assistance and advice from its staff of lawyers and legal advisors. This is what we will provide for you on About Us Page.

An introduction to the firm

We are Al Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations. Our office was established in Jeddah and then achieved many successes during the long years of work.

The location of the office in Jeddah is Al-Yamamah Building (Beauty Center, Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street, Al-Rawdah, Jeddah 23432)

The office includes a distinguished team of lawyers licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia to practice the legal profession, to help clients and guide them to their rights, organize their work and solve their cases, with all the staff’s experience, wisdom, skill and extensive knowledge of the laws, regulations and regulations issued and in force in Saudi Arabia.

Our vision

Our vision and aspirations have not changed since the beginning of the establishment of the office. On the contrary, we have come to see with our own hands the success and satisfaction of the customers who dealt with us on the services, advice and support we provided to him to solve various issues and legal issues as quickly as possible and with the best results and strategies that satisfy the customer, and are in line with Saudi laws and regulations. And the provisions of the Islamic Sharia on which the laws in the Kingdom are based.

The vision of our office, which was and still exists until this moment, is:

Exerting full effort and employing practical experience, legal knowledge and personal skill by the work team of lawyers and legal advisors, to help every client who resorts to the elite office and requests legal support and assistance to solve his problem or to organize his work or to help him claim his usurped rights, or to guide him to what contributes to organizing his life or improve his work.

Our message

Every person in this life has a message that he strives to achieve, and this is what Al-Safwa office has worked on and is still working to achieve during the years of work. The mission of our office is based on providing assistance, support, and legal expertise to clients to address their problems that they encounter in their personal and family lives, in their businesses and companies, or during their dealings with various life issues.

It is difficult and even impossible for a person to predict what he will face during his life, or what problems will appear to him, or what he will be accused of unjustly and aggressively by weak souls, but it is natural and reasonable to find solutions and laws that have been put in place for you and to achieve justice and guide people to their rights and duties at the same moment. And also to find someone who stands beside you and facilitates matters and difficulties for you, and this explains the message of our office, which was established for you and to help you, so do not hesitate for a moment to turn to us.

Our values

The successes we have achieved and the satisfaction of customers, thanks to God, are based primarily on our values that we have been keen to achieve and comply with in every work, behavior or service we provide. Among our most important values:

Quality and professionalism: We have been keen to provide services to all clients, whether they are individuals or companies, and to provide legal advice in a distinctive and professional manner that is not provided by any other office, which reflects the skill and distinction of our lawyers and their endeavor to provide the best permanently.
Trust: One of our most important values is gaining clients’ trust and satisfaction with the legal services we provide to them, commitment to the ethics of the profession with sincerity and honesty, and the strict confidentiality of information and documents for everyone who deals with us, and we are keen to be a point of safety and trust for every client, so we do not settle for less than that.
Transparency and clarity in dealing: In order for the client to feel safe and gain the trust of the office with which he deals, the relationship between the client and the office must be based on clarity, transparency and honesty, and this is what we always strive to achieve in our work.
Caring for the interests of clients: You may deal with any law firm and provide you with the legal service you need, but quickly or without accuracy. To preserve it in various ways, all in accordance with the laws.
Continuous development and advancement: It is difficult to find a successful law firm, but it still uses traditional or usual methods and methods in resolving cases or providing services, so our office has sought to keep pace with the continuous advancement in the Kingdom and to provide its services in various modern and technical ways and on various social media sites, and continuous and accurate follow-up of all Amendments to laws and regulations, and to all electronic services provided by Saudi Arabia in abundance, especially in recent times.

Our tasks

Achieving justice, providing assistance, support and legal advice to the client in various legal issues, and helping the oppressed to regain his right and defend him before the courts and competent authorities..And if we want to talk about the duties of the lawyer in our elite office in some detail, they are

The following figure:

  • Guiding customers to their rights as stipulated in the provisions of Islamic Sharia and Saudi laws, and helping them to defend them.
  • Pleading before the Saudi courts in various legal cases.
  • Representing the accused in all civil and criminal trials, and providing evidence, evidence and convincing arguments in order to defend them.
  • Arbitration, mediation, reconciliation and settling disputes and disagreements between opponents.
  • Work to facilitate litigation procedures between individuals and companies.
  • Providing legal advice and advice on various legal matters and issues.
  • Explanation and interpretation of laws, regulations, judgments, instructions, and services all issued in the Kingdom.
  • Preparing and preparing legal documents and texts such as contracts of various forms, legal conclusions, lawsuits, wills…etc.
  • Work to provide clients with the best solutions, ways and means to act, based on the legal cases of each client.
  • Carrying out extensive efforts, continuous research, and continuous investigations, before the accused is acquitted before judges in Saudi courts.

With what we have presented to you.. We hope that we have briefly introduced you to Al Safwa Law Firm and the leading legal consultancy in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia, and to communicate with us, we advise you to go to the “Contact Us” page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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