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Our Services

Our services – Alsafwa lawfirm office in Jeddah Saudi Arabia


  1. Legal and legal advice.
  2. Study cases and provide legal opinion before litigation.
  3. Execution of judicial decisions and judgments.
  4. Legal investigation and investigation service.
  5. Settling disputes and settling disputes amicably.
  6. All judicial proceedings before all courts inside and outside the Kingdom.
  7. Represent our clients and defend them before any public or private.
  8. Services of drafting documents for the endowments, whether private, private, or charitable, and plead their cases.
  9. Distributing and liquidating estates and delivering the heirs to their rights.
  10. Establishment of local companies and branches of international companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  11. Mergers and acquisitions of companies.
  12. Liquidation and dissolution of companies.
  13. Solving real estate problems and pleading in their cases.
  14. Legal drafting of all contracts.
  15. Consultancy services regarding labor disputes and pleading in their cases.
  16. Contractual consultancy services for companies and institutions on an annual basis.
  17. Collection of debts, financial claims, checks, and order deeds.
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